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Spirit Taekwondo
Everyone Can Soar Like An Eagle

Traditional and Adaptive Martial Arts Classes - Ankeny / Des Moines IA.


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Kids Martial Arts

Taekwondo classes enhance:

Respect, Courtesy, Integrity and Self-Control. Leading to new Life Skills, Better Grades, reducing ADD/ADHD issues, less Bullying, and better at Home Behavior.


Therapeutic / Adaptive Martial Arts

(Personal Empowerment for All)

For students with diverse abilities and needs.

Small class sizes for individual excellence and personal growth

Our adaptive curriculum fosters consistency, familiarity, and positive social and physical development.

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Teen/Adult Martial Arts

Based on traditional Taekwondo instruction in a safe and fun environment building physical fitness, situational awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and much more.




Advantages of Our Classes 

We empower students to lead a life of excellence


The core of our school is the art and culture of Taekwondo.  Family is central and character development with life skills are the highest priorities in our programs.

Learn Life Skills
Make New Friends
Increase Your Fitness
Character Development




Shauna S

Both of my kids attend classes at Spirit Taekwondo. It's an amazing program with instructors who truly care about the kids. My son has ADHD and has struggled to find an organized activity that he can enjoy. The instructors are a HUGE help to him. My daughter joined after watching my son have fun for 2 months. I enjoy watching them learn and grow new skills. I highly recommend Spirit Tkd! :)

Julie G

We recently started our young kids in tae-kwon-do lessons here and already love it. They are unique in that not only do they teach tae-kwon-do but they layer in self-defense. In the first class, my kids were learning how to get out of an adult wrist hold. This is exactly what I was looking for. Combine it with the family atmosphere they bring and the passion they have for the community. It’s a really great place.

Lisa E - recommends Spirit TKD Martial Arts Self-Defense

We have 9 children who take classes at Spirit TKD. Many of our children have special needs, two of them are in wheelchairs. It is such a blessing for all of our children to be doing something together. Mrs Master has special training in para TKD and our girls who use wheelchairs are so excited to be able to do what their other siblings do. No more sitting on the sidelines watching. Everyone who works with our children are so kind and understand

John R. - 


My grandson is a student of theirs. My grandson has high function Autism. They are the greatest people to work with for him & so many others. I have witnessed the love they give to each & every student in so many positive ways. Going with this family is one of the best things my daughter has done for our grandchild



Our Instructors:

All instructors are Kukkiwon certified black belts, World Taekwondo Master Union members and our curriculum is based on that taught at the World Taekwondo Academy.  We constantly update our knowledge and experience to ensure students receive the best instruction.

Master Amy Ratekin (Master Mrs.) holds Kukkiwon Master Instructor certification, International Para-Taekwondo Instructor certification, Kukkiwon International 5th Degree Black Belt certifications, American Masters Association 6th Degree Black Belt certification, 

C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Instructor certification and degrees in Music Therapy and Education. 

Master Mark Ratekin (Master Mr.) holds a Kukkiwon International 4th Degree Black Belt, American Masters Association 5th Degree Black Belt certification, National Referee certification, C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Instructor certification and holds a MA in Adult Education.

Mr. Joshua Ratekin holds a Kukkiwon International 1st Degree Black Belt, American Masters Association 2nd Degree Black Belt certification. 

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